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Childs Hope

The History of Child's Hope


This organization began as a brown-bag lunch group in the late 1980’s consisting of a small number of dedicated professionals from private agencies, public health, hospitals and social services. Receiving funding from the Children’s Trust Fund, the group gave small grants to agencies or schools for projects to help prevent child abuse. The Fund has always been targeted to prevention, not direct services, and the focus was always on the Out-Wayne County community, whether it be parent groups, teen parents, social service agencies, or any group that dealt with parents and children.

Child’s Hope, then known as the Out-Wayne County Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, was an all volunteer group until the early 1990’s when we were able to afford to hire an executive director. We then changed our name to CAPCO: Child Abuse Prevention Council of OutWayne. The organization flourished, and expanded programs and written materials to distribute. The strength has always been however, with board members, as many as 25 individuals who freely give their time and talent to do this work.

We continue to be result oriented and dedicated to the prevention of abuse, truly giving a Child Hope.