Talk with Me Coordinator

Timeline:  August-June, an academic school year

Time Commitment:  

Flexible, minimum 4 hours per week


Remote, Home Office is located in Dearborn, MI


$1,500 Stipend


Talk with Me is a mentoring program that is used as a prevention tool for preschoolers living in Out-Wayne County.  We promote safe and trusting relationships through weekly conversations and academic support.  This has been most successful due to our partnerships with community schools, and regular communication with parents and guardians of the mentees.

Responsibilities:  • Recruit participating schools and families • Coordinate school leadership meetings • Facilitate mentor orientation and training • Supervise mentors • Provide clear and accurate guidance to support regular communications to teachers and parents • May conduct parent presentations and teacher demonstrations • Address parent and teacher inquiries • Complete monthly reports • Administer surveys • Report to the Executive Director

Qualifications: • At least 2 years of primary education experience preferred • Ability to manage and multi-task while paying attention to details • Ability to work independently and as part of a team • Knowledge of reading, writing, and literacy development • Interpersonal skills (communication, problem solving, conflict management, collaboration) • Strong organizational skills • Demonstrates proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and other database applications • Familiar with internet applications