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Addressing neglect in Out-Wayne County by supporting families with children and the businesses that serve them.

Parents are responsible for providing basic needs that address their child's physical needs.

Physical Neglect

Parents are to ensure that their child receive appropriate medical or mental health treatment.

Medical Neglect

Parents are to ensure that their child is receiving a good education, and have what they need to ensure their child's success.

Educational Neglect

Parents are to ensure that their child's psychological and social needs are being met.

Emotional Neglect

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Child's Hope's Community Closet 

Child's Hope's Community Closet was established for licensed home-based child care programs in Out-Wayne County to:

  • Provide qualified licensed home-based child care programs with supplies and materials at no cost. 

  • Improve the quality of life in Out-Wayne County through charitable contributions generated from the genrousity of sponsors and resale store profits.

Licensed providers may also request supplies and equipment on the following application*:

  • Recreational and Educational materials

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Basic needs (i.e. diapers, formula, clothing, med kits)


Applications for the following merchandise will not be accepted:

  • Religious or Political campaign material

  • Merchandise that will not be used in Out-Wayne County or to benefit Out-Wayne County families

  • Weapons and Lethal objects (at the discretion of Child's Hope)

*Must be participating in the Great Start to Quality program.