Period of Purple Crying

Free informational material

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The latest medical research on Shaken Baby Sydrome (SBS) and Abusive Head Trauma (AHT), that teaches the basics of victim and perpetrator statistics and how violent shaking can cause traumatic injuries and even death.


Offers information on the frustrations of coping with a crying baby and several calming techniques; including the possible consequences of shaken baby syndrome.


This diaper bag insert with lanyard is a reminder to never shake a baby.  It includes space to fill in personal contact information.


This package includes a 10-page booklet, parent reminder card, 10-minute PURPLE Crying video and a 17-minute Crying, Soothing, Coping: Doing What Comes Naturally video for parents of new infants.


This is 3” x 4” magnet that reminds caregivers to cope with infant crying. It also has a pop-out for a photo to be inserted.

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