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Seminar: Moving Social Emotional Learning Forward



Description: In this seminar there will be discussion on social and emotional learning

and strategies that can be used to improve student's social emotional skills.


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Seminar: Setting the Stage - Promoting Social-Emotional Health in Young Children




Description: This seminar covers the Social-Emotional Competence in children ages

birth to 5. Social and emotional development, a critical aspect of overall brain

development, begins at birth. Social-emotional skills are nurtured through daily routine,

language, and play. They are the foundations of social competence that affect a child's

ability to adapt in school and to form successful relationships throughout life.


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Seminar: Self-Care for Professionals



Description: During this training, participants will learn what is means to practice self-

care while maintaining work life balance. Participants will identify what is means to be

mindful and identify signs of secondary traumatic stress and burn out. Participants will

obtain new self-care tips to practice and implement into one’s daily work life.

Participants will understand and name the triggers of stress and identify tools to

increase self-care and mental wellness.

  • Specific stress to examine: Secondary Traumatic Stress & Burnout

  • Specific self-care tools to explore: Mindfulness and the 7 A’s of Healing


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Seminar: Doorway to Acceptance and Healing from a Gen Z Perspective


Description: This presenter discusses her own mental struggles as a student during the

pandemic, how she was able to combat my struggles, and what resources helped the

most. She speaks on what she is doing now to continue the healing process, including

the community work she does to make sure Mental Health services are accessible.


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