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For children ages 4 and 5 years old.

Getting our children ready to succeed!


According to Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health, a child is school-ready when…

*Most of the time, they feel good about themselves.

*Sing songs and enjoys books.

*Shows a range of feelings and shares worries with trusted adults.

*Shows affection for others.

*Most of the time, they accept limits and manages negative feelings.

*Uses many words to talk about the day.

*Asks many questions.


Parents! Guardians! Caregivers!...This Program's for your child!

A Parenting Myth...

"I have no clue how to help my child beyond what his teacher is teaching him."  X

 THIS IS FALSE!  You already have a clue. Matter of fact there's a wealth hints and tips all around you.



By becoming a part of the Talk with Me community, you will be supported along with your child. 

Our mentors will be there all the way!


       At no cost to you, your child receives one-on-one virtual mentoring, and you will receive strategies and resources to help support your child's social and emotional development.                


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Funded by PNC Foundation

Inspired by: PNC Grow up Great/Any Time is 3 Ts Time; and Literacy Essentials MI

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